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Due Diligence Analysis

Many compliance risks associated with our client’s businesses can be identified and, in some instances, completely avoided with proper due diligence.  The decision to contract with related business partners such as correspondents or agents, or to provide a new service product, should always be accompanied by a thorough and qualitative inspection of the compliance issues involved.

Compliance Plus offers hands-on input in evaluating what risk is involved in several areas, including:

  • Doing business with other companies

  • Acquiring other companies

  • Merging with other companies

  • Hiring senior management and front-line staff

  • Entering into agency agreements

  • Opening bank accounts for businesses deemed to have higher risks

  • Providing new financial products and services

Drawing from an extensive toolset that includes massive, trusted databases, proven analytical technologies, and expert due diligence professionals, Compliance Plus effectively guides clients to make informed decisions.

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